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Floor trusses, offer an easy to install product requiring no docking on site.  All services including plumbing, electrical and air conditioning can be run through the webs negating the need to have trades cut or drill solid members.


This provides cost reductions on site including both labour and additional time to construct. Floor trusses alleviate  any worry should service holes be cut into areas compromising the design integrity.  Sapphire gives ATT the ability to create wet area set downs that still use all steel webs.  No rim board or blocking is required between floor trusses as we use a solid ledger instead. 

Sapphire also offers 3D imagery and sections if required for more complicated designs.  Floor trusses can be top chord supported on steel beams negating the need for timber packers and joist hangers in certain applications.

ATT use only in house estimators and detailers that are in control of the design process from start to finish. 


Floor trusses offer savings on site for our customers in any form of construction from a standard residential house to multi-residential and commercial projects.


Timber is a renewable resource, timber also removes and stores greenhouse gases from the air. Approximately half the dry weight of timber is made up of carbon absorbed from the atmosphere as the tree grew. Using timber in buildings stores that carbon for as long as the timber exists.


The Australian timber framing industry provides jobs and opportunities for more than 45,000 local people in a wide variety of occupations including forestry, sawmills, preservative suppliers, nail plate manufacturers, wholesalers, carpenters and tradies.


 The industry contributes around $24bn a year to the Australian economy, both directly through sales and indirectly through jobs and related industries.

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