Renewable Timber &
Low embodied energy

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At Australian Timber and Trusses we are proud to supply the environmentally friendly leading industry product - Timber - for low embodied energy houses and construction. 

Timber combines performance, well being and environmental advantages and unlike other building materials, it can be harvested, re-grown and re-harvested in an average person's lifetime.

We at Australian Timber and Trusses where practical purchase from Australian suppliers who have a full Chain of Custody Certification which meets the Responsible Wood Australian Standard AS 4707.

The production of timber products also uses less energy than most other building materials (that are typically sourced from fossil fuels) making it the ultimate renewable.

To effectively tackle climate change we need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as well as reduce carbon emissions. Responsibly sourced wood manages to achieve both of these.

This is because wood stores carbon and has a much lower embodied energy than other major building materials, which are non-renewable and require large amounts of fossil fuels to produce.

Reference: Timber as a Sustainable Building Material - University of Tasmania