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Renewable Timber

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Timber framing is the ultimate renewable – in Australia, we replant more than 70 million trees every year. And our softwood plantations grow the volume of timber framing needed to build the average home in two and a half minutes.

Timber is in the DNA of Australian homes. It’s a living reminder of the connection we feel to the world around us and the duty we have to help preserve it for future generations. Timber framing is strong, versatile and, most importantly of all, endlessly renewable.

The use of timber framing in home construction naturally leads to the need to constantly plant new forests and re-plant existing ones. And every forest we plant helps reduce greenhouse gases and make our world a cleaner place.

Timber framing can be prefabricated off site for maximum cost efficiency. Last-minute adjustments are easily made on site by skilled carpenters using their own tools.

The production of timber products also uses less energy than most other building materials (that are typically sourced from fossil fuels) making it the ultimate renewable. To effectively tackle climate change we need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as well as reduce carbon emissions. Responsibly sourced wood manages to achieve both of these.

We at Australian Timber and Trusses where practical purchase from Australian suppliers who have a full Chain of Custody Certification which meets the Responsible Wood Australian Standard AS 4707.

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