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Prenail Frames are an important part in our supply chain to clients .  Utilising our lineal feed saws, all of our wall plates are trenched providing further rigidity in the frame construction, correct stud locations and alleviating any twist of the studs after manufacture. 


Frames are designed with the Mitek software with the new generation software “Sapphire “ leading the future providing 3D imagery and sectional views for the trades on site erecting our product. 


ATT have 6 PreNail lines operational on either a single or double shift to produce the volumes when our customers require it.  Our design team can tailor the Frame to suit your needs providing it conforms with Australian standards. 


We keep a large range of LVL material in stock to fit the majority of the lintels in our Frames.  We also offer installing noggins on their flat for internal frames to help with running services through the frame for the following trades.


ATT has developed over the many years in business a strong relationship with our suppliers. The core aspect to relationships have always involved continuity of supply, quality, ease of undertaking business and competitive pricing to name a few.

The Australian timber framing industry provides jobs and opportunities for more than 45,000 local people in a wide variety of occupations including forestry, sawmills, preservative suppliers, nail plate manufacturers, wholesalers, carpenters and tradies.


 The industry contributes around $24bn a year to the Australian economy, both directly through sales and indirectly through jobs and related industries.

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